About Silent Witness

Manitoba Silent Witness Project Committee

The Family Violence Consortium of Manitoba in partnership with Ending Violence Across Manitoba Inc. are currently presenting the Silent Witness Project. The Silent Witness Project red silhouettes are of women killed in Manitoba by their partners/ex-partners in acts of family violence where the perpetrator was charged and convicted, or the women were killed in documented cases of domestic homicide/suicide. In each case, the woman’s partner has been convicted of the murder or both have died in a murder/suicide. Because these women no longer have a voice, the silhouettes are called the Silent Witnesses. Only women whose families have agreed to have their loved one included in this project are represented.

This powerful memorial is funded by the National Victims of Crime Awareness Week (Government of Canada). Domestic violence is a major social concern in our society and the mission of the Silent Witness Project envelops ideas of remembrance, awareness, and action against this violence.

Why we are doing this:

To remember

The mission of this project is to remind us of the impact of domestic homicides and family violence within our communities.

To create awareness

Of the numerous programs and services offered throughout the Province working towards the end of violence against women.

To promote action

To affect positive change within our own homes, our communities and throughout the province of Manitoba and Canada.